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A Letter From Julia on the Rosemary & Geranium Crème Cleanser

March 08, 2018

A Letter From Julia on the Rosemary & Geranium Crème Cleanser

Taking many years to perfect this authentic preparation, the foundational product and Step-1 in our 5-Step Facial Regimen, has delivered far more than originally anticipated, truly surpassing all expectations! 
Now 25 years since it's making, I couldn't be happier and more humbled by its function. Suffice it to say, there is far more to this outstanding preparation than any single ingredient. With its intended design to be multi-use, needing NO toners. 
Our Small-Batch Made R&G Crème Cleanser necessitates two days of preparation and is achieved with purposeful intention to correct, protect, and strengthen the skin's overall terrain. Stimulating blood circulation as it gently enhances lymphatic drainage, thereby assisting with debris removal at deeper levels of the skin. The R&G Crème Cleanser is designed to bring your skin into healthy balance as it clears out any congestion and dry skin cells and prepares it for further Benedetta treatments. 
A deliberate and concise mix of fresh, certified organic filleted aloe vera, nutritive oils, rose water, clay, and bee propolis are but a few ingredients that give rise to the R&G Crème Cleanser; originally developed for estheticians as the first 20 minutes of the Benedetta Holistic Facial.  

Read the proper application of our Rosemary & Geranium Cleanser below.

Step-1: Cleanse​- Rosemary & Geranium Crème Cleanser
Best used morning and night 

1.​ Take make -up off
2. To DRY skin apply approximated *6-8 pumps massaged into ​face, neck and chest
3. Leave on for 3-5 minutes to tone and exfoliate.
4. Removal:

  • Make sure washcloth is soaking wet
  • Bend over sink basin and wash cleanser off
  • Rinse wash cloth and wring out water
  • Pat over all areas to pick up excess water and remaining cleanser
  • Dry with towel before adhering to next step