A Message from Julia: Stay Calm & Healthy

March 26, 2020

A Message from Julia: Stay Calm & Healthy

Hey Friends:

As we all navigate through these unusual times, with so much uncertainty, I want to extend another opportunity to take care of your health and also your mindset.  

Linked below is a video I did about our Essential 3, with a larger refill size for our Clearing Spray Hand Sanitizer.

In addition to the video, I wanted to encourage, positive language, in the mists of so much fear.  I am among you when it comes to speaking about the obvious and what it is doing to each of us individually.  It's not that we do not recognize that there is a shift.  But instead of supporting the terror that the media is so good at broadcasting, let us lend empathy and kindness where we can.  Fear, worry, and panic create more fear, worry, and panic. 

We are given a choice to be more conscious and benevolent, even when we are not being supported to do so.  I believe that we do speak our existence into reality, something I mention often in our podcast, "A Chat With Bendetta".

Now is the time to be mindful of what we are thinking and what we say.  Here are some tools that are great to implement while taking a hot Seaweed Bath, as well as throughout the day.  In addition to transmuting our language while drinking water, the universal solvent, water is a medium to hold both information, see Masaru Emoto, and electrical current in our body. Simple and direct messages to our core being will shift an unhealthy body to a healthy one, or worried mind to one of peace and release. 

Believe me, I speak from experience. This is not a judgment or ego speaking, it is a fact of growth and evolution.  Otherwise, we create a weakened immunity by thinking about our emotions. Here are some simple tools, no matter what is before you.

Take deep breaths and blow out your mouth, get good at releasing any distortion in your body through deep inhalation and exhalations.  The more you do it the better you are at getting your breath to go deeper in your body as you channel needed areas of dysfunction or concern. 

The following suggested affirmations are best said 3 times for the best integration. They are by no means a replacement for logical and practical self-care. They are in my experience, a valuable tool in retraining and transmuting our mindset and the collective discord during times of illness, threat and global panic. What is the alternative? We need each other to be a voice of support and calm, in an otherwise chaotic time.

  • I am healthy and vibrant
  • I am unified with nature and nature is perfect
  • My lungs are strong
  • My immune system is strong
  • I am prosperous and attract abundance and care
  • I feel love, empathy, kindness, and compassion
  • I am grateful
  • I am strong and my strength helps others

Get the idea? Create your own that are applicable to you as well. Even when you feel the opposite of those things, say them more frequently to shift the disposition.  I have experienced this time and time again. Fake it till you make it! :) 

I will continue to give promotions where we can, so you are not without your products.  Please let us know if you are not able to purchase because of finances and we will take it a case at a time. sales@benedetta.com

From my Heart to yours,
Julia Faller