Changing the Status Quo; What, NO Toners?!

June 10, 2020

Changing the Status Quo; What, NO Toners?!

If you don’t know this by now, it’s a known fact that the majority of skin care companies and manufacturers copy those before them, along with creating products (seemingly) overnight from current trend buzz, typically with no original concept or function that sets them apart.

Harsh words? No this is my experience of more than three decades of seeing copycats, and marketing-driven products, void of substance and effect. It is rare to see a company come around and actually change what is popular and considered normal, to a new way of thinking or lifestyle when it comes to our skin. It often takes repeat, repeat, and much more repeat before a concept changes the status quo. Or in current times a celebrity influencer (paid for) to change how we think. Enter- trends good, and bad.

When I set out to create efficient nutrient-rich formulas in the middle to late eighties and into the nineties, I had no support from the cosmetic chemistry industry. No suppliers in that industry understood why I wanted to change what was already available. I was told over and over that without plasticides (petro-chemical binders) and preservatives (especially with my water to oil ratios), there was absolutely no way the products would hold together or conform to stability on the shelf…they were wrong. Just like we were told some years ago that organic produce is not healthier than pesticide filled produce, now measured for their higher nutritional value.

On occasion, someone is blessed with enough insight to change the norm. I am abundantly grateful for paying attention to what the skin was asking for and how it truly functions in an otherwise toxic environment. For more on my journey to discovering Benedetta, read about Julia's Journey.

In the development of Benedetta, with a focus on a functional system of use, or facial regimenmy attention was on creating the foundational product first- a cream cleanser. It obviously needed to purify without stripping the skin of natural oils and hydration. But in my pursuit of the perfect Cream Cleanser we now know as The Rosemary & Geranium Crème Cleanser, I found that I needed a more systemic preparation, not a mere on and off formula. I found in my own clinical work and observations, that the skin needed and thrived on nutritional based purification as the blood carried these molecules to its deeper layers. This demanded further research on how our blood and lymph transported these nutrients, where they went, and how the skin could benefit, *without harm, but with receptibility.

It was evident that in my 3 years of perfecting the Rosemary & Geranium Creme Cleansers that the need for Toners was far more marketing than effectiveness.

The idea that we need an alcohol-based preparation, was conceived as a secondary part of the cleansing process to further purify and possibly close or tighten pores. This only causes further disfunction to the skins holistic reproduction and balance. It was also evident that the R&G Cleanser did everything and more in achieving its goal, which at the time was to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate the skin, gently and without harm. It has, since its inception more than 27 years ago, far surpassed its holistic ability to increase our overall immunity of the skin and become necessary to receive the Benedetta system of use


*without harm: Skin care companies and ingredient chemists like big pharma, create chemicals that have a function of use that have side effects that are typically counterproductive to the point of use. Take for example, Vit. A retinoid, reputed for the ability to exfoliate and regenerate skin cells rapidly and remove anything from scarring to aging and fine wrinkles.

The side effects are typically excessive drying that causes the skin to lose hydration (a cornerstone for youthful skin), and among other things become photo-sensitive or toxic, demanding the need (from doctors), to wear high numbered spf’s daily, creating more damage, in my opinion, not theirs. See Ombra Del Sole Series.