Rose Crème - A Backstory

July 13, 2018

Rose Crème - A Backstory

I created the Rose crème largely for the same reason I create many products, out of need for a clean and purposeful product in an industry full of adulterated and false ones. Now, even in the so called “plant based” era, there are still far too many fluff Rose Lotions with no viable useful synergies. I saw a need for an authentic, highly energetic Rose Crème and humbly present one to you.

All that aside, I personally love Rose for its ability to bring us into a balanced state of wellbeing. When I worked clinically as an esthetician, prior to formulating the Benedetta line, I performed customized aromatherapeutic treatments for my clients’ skin’s health care. Often, after hearing about sadness, stress and overall tension, I would do a simple drop of Rose oil with a couple drops of jojoba on their solar plexus at the center of their chest and massage gently to release those emotions that were often stuck.

Rose as many of you know is a botanical requiring [literally] a ton of petals to produce 1 single ounce of essential oil. The evolution of the rose is such that it gives of itself before its ready for picking, making it difficult to get any aromatic at all and taking thousands of petals to get a drop… how selfless. It comes as no surprise that Certified Organic Rose has the highest measurable electromagnetic field, ranging from 300-500 mhz, as compared to Lavender at approximately 118 mhz, and the human body at 65-70 mhz.

The high vibration of the inimitable Rose aligned with our human condition appears to create a symbiotic resonance that is unequaled in the botanical world. Possibly with the exception of Helichrysum italicum, but that’s a subject of another blog entirely.

This queen of all essential oils is reputed for its regenerative properties on aging skin. Rose is beloved for its pronounced recognizable aromatic, which energetically opens your [emotional] heart, giving feelings of wellbeing and balance.

Benedetta’s Rose Crème is representative of how “True Rose” should smell- don’t be fooled by copycats. I make a very concentrated Rose Crème using high percentages of our farmer’s Certified Organic and Biodynamic Rose oil, Rose wax, and Rose Hydrosol [water].

The complimentary botanicals address the systemic correction and protection of the skin as well, with a cohesive unification that marries all ingredients together to make one singular preparation. No fillers of any kind are used, no fragrances, no solvents, just the purest most viable Rosa damascena grown, harvested, and slow-rate hand-distilled. Our Rose Crème is made with intent and designed to be effective on all levels- physical, emotional and energetic.

Benedetta’s Rose Crème is designed to be used on the chest, arms, and hands with specific intention to renew the skin and prevent further damage. The Rose Duo: Rose Hydrosol before Rose Crème, aids better water integration, using less Crème and attaining greater results. Together our concentrated Rose Crème will last you several months.