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Trends, Trends, Trends...Here We Go Again

September 03, 2020

Trends, Trends, Trends...Here We Go Again

I am compelled to write about trends and why we are so inclined to follow them.  All it takes is that one person to say, “OMG this is the best!”

If we trust the messenger we are motivated to follow, often blindly with no questions asked.

Word of mouth has always been the cornerstone of businesses offering a service or a product.    We are grateful for those words of praise as they keep us in business.  Every company wants to become a trend if doing so means greater revenue.

I think the damage is in constantly needing the next best thing instead of sticking to what is tried and true.  I remember working in the health food industry and talking to customers that didn’t know why they purchased a particular health aid until they stopped using it and noticed a difference in their health.

I often hear from long term customers that they were swayed by a friend or family member to switch products only to realize that in the absence of Benedetta, their skin just didn’t behave as healthy.  Welcome back!

We often google trends in skin care and for this week’s trend we want to address popular concerns with “Skin Texture.”

“You have a problem with your skins texture -we have a solution.”

 For us, it’s not just about one product but as usual, a system of use or ritual that enhances the skins' resilience and therefore, it’s texture. 

As an esthetician and clinician myself, I can tell you that the most rewarding experience when massaging a client's face is to feel their texture shift from congested or clogged skin to smooth, bump-free, skin.

 I created the Rosemary & Geranium Massage-In Crème Cleanser for the professional to aid the performance of lymphatic drain and purification.  The surface of the skin is a visible indicator of what is beneath it.  My intention for the development of this product was to give you a “facial in a bottle.” Unfortunately, that has become a somewhat bastardized phrase used by unworthy marketeers. But used alone and massaged in, you too will see the difference not just in texture, but hydration levels increase as well. 

 Used regularly both Day and Night your skin will continue to reaps its rewards as it prepares your skin for all other steps both Day and Night.

For professional-style exfoliation where sun damage, pitted scarring, and other facial imperfections in need of resurfacing, try our Defense & Repair Mask.

Developed with the intention to fight free radical damage as it dries, this preparation has extreme exfoliation properties.  Once dried and left on for 20-30 minutes, (depending on skin strength and condition) it will slough off dry skin cells as it retrains our skin back to a more youthful position.

Best Usage: Rehydrate the face by applying water gently to hands before rubbing or rolling off. Once the primary area is exfoliated, splash with cool water and end with a wet washcloth until all is removed. Hydrate with a Crystal Radiance Elixir preferably -Neroli.

BTW:  Save the Defense & Repair Mask JAR!

It’s made of our full spectrum violet glass, valuable for storing herbs or other goodies you want to stay fresh. 

Caution: The Defense & Repair Mask should not be used on broken skin, inflamed, severe rosacea. 

Disclaimer: The information provided on the Benedetta website or in email correspondences are for educational purposes only and is NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.