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Water Integration- A Benedetta Cornerstone

October 25, 2018

Water Integration- A Benedetta Cornerstone

Water Integration – How it Started

 Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs, created in 1986, were the first of their kind to use gem elixirs, plant aromatic hydrosols, essential oils and more to hydrate the skin.  Developed to introduce nourishment and deeper hydration before adding oil-based preparations during the day as well as alone at night to bring the skin into balance and harmony while we sleep. 

A new concept 30 years ago, but today it’s part of any conscientious skin care ritual, or at least it should be. Never meant to be a “toner”, [our Rosemary & Geranium effectively does that], but instead a purposeful solution to integrate water and prepare the skin for further treatments.  This started the whole idea of water saturation and its systemic effect on our body’s health and lastly our skins visible appearance.

Water Comes in Many Forms

The water we refer to comes from either a natural source, like spring water, or has gone through a process of steam distillation using spring water and chosen plant material to create what we term distillates or hydrosols.  It could also mean water through an ingredient like Aloe Vera, from fresh fileted leaves, then shipped directly to us within days of this process.  Consisting of 99% water our certified organic Aloe Vera has 75% active nutrient constituents, some of which include, amino acids, enzymes, muco-polysaccharides, and fatty acids. 

Water is the single most important substance to enliven our system and our skin. The skin contains 64% water and our cells need and thrive in water to balance and aid our vital supple health. As we age we lose the hydration our cells need and the skin starts to dehydrate, giving the appearance of wrinkling and sagging. Our interstitial fluid between cells and tissues also referred to as the liquid substance of the body, (similar to plasma) is 97% water that decreases during the aging process. 

The Benedetta Water Integration Process 

Playing a key role within the Benedetta facial regimen, each formulation and system of use isn’t complete without integrating water at the right levels for the skin to utilize and absorb it.

The key to cell renewal, healthy skin and ultimately anti-aging is multifaceted. Heredity, environment and poor lifestyle choices all play a role in dehydration and eventually aging. It is apparent that no matter the cause, the solution is to reap the benefits of a conscious, healthy lifestyle, with water being a key component.

Water is a facilitator and deliver system for nutrients to be absorbed. Something the Benedetta process utilizes synergistically in many products as well as our system of layering one product after another. This is sort of a Water-Oil-Water-Oil ratio to lock in hydration, with the exception of our Nighttime regimen that basically include all water-based preparations. A purposeful holistic approach to bringing the skin into balance and harmony while we sleep. 

Our Day-Time Facial regimen, for instance, has a 5-step procedure that interlaces water, then oil, then water and so on to enhance saturation.

Our Body Care line also integrates water with our Hydrosols and Body Crèmes. Most recently we’ve launched our “Hydrosol and Body Crème Duos” where you can purchase the products as a set, to really emphasize that importance of using a Hydrosol prior to applying your Body Crème. And our newest line, the Ombra Del Sole series, has the Defense & Repair Elixir to introduce that water element as Step-1, prior to applying the oil, step 2 or the crème, step 3.