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Why Benedetta's Essential 3 has you covered!

Self-care is more important than ever during these trying times, and Benedetta has the essentials that can make self-care not only be the MOST effective but also feel luxurious. These three products will take care of your whole body, so don't panic, we've got you:)

Hand & Body Washing

Sacred Soap - Non-Drying

This creamy, non-drying black soap (Fair Trade) formula is naturally rich in Shea Butter and uses NO Lye, NO Petro-chemical, plastic emulsifiers or gelling agents. Just pure 100% Botanical Authentic Amazement!

Hand Sanitizer

The Clearing Spray - Created 20 years ago (not like every other opportunist out there - hello Covid), our Hand Sanitizer helps protect hands against contaminants without isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, parabens, propylene glycol and fragrances.

Developed to protect from stripping and removing your natural flora and therefore immunity.

Immune Strengthener & Health Aid

Seaweed Bath

It all starts here to keep your system healthy, and to ward off illness and or shorten its duration. Taken at 104° with 12oz-16oz purified water nearby.

This life-changing bath can help detoxify, balance, and strengthen your entire system when used regularly. This 2-fold preparation utilizes both alkalizing micro-seaweeds and a therapeutic dose of an essential oil blend to bring your systems health into equilibrium and sustained health.