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Clearing Spray

  • The Clearing Spray is made up of a proprietary blend that includes biodynamic grape alcohol and organic essential oils. It is invaluable during times of illness and perfect for traveling.

    It helps protect hands against contaminants without isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, parabens, propylene glycol and fragrances, and others linked to lowering immunity and inviting germ growth. Benedetta’s Clearing Spray dries on contact and, with no messy gel, will not dry out your hands.

    Safe and effective for children. Our highly concentrated formula gives you approximately 150 applications per bottle

    How to refill:

    1. Twist atomizer clockwise

    2. Pull vial out

    3. Twist cap to open 

1-2 sprays on one palm and rub both hands together.

External use only. Do not inhale. Keep out of eyes.

  • Benedetta’s formulator Julia Faller, created the Clearing Spray more than 20 years ago about the time when our global society became aware of SARS and other deadly communicable diseases. Our culture changed with the applied daily frequency of hand sanitizers.

    The intent was to create an alternative to traditional Hand Purifiers with Isopropyl Myristate and other petro-chemicals.

    This “clean” alternative does not strip the hands of beneficial flora nor does it introduce harmful chemicals into the bloodstream.

    The Clearing Spray will not dry out the hands but will instead support immunity.

  • Botanical Ethanol Alcohol & Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils

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  • Does this spray contain the minimum 60% alcohol necessary for hand sanitizers to be effective? Does it contain echinacea or tea tree oil? I would like to try this spray, but I can't use it if it contains either of these. Thanks very much!

    Hi! Yes, it contains more than 60% alcohol and is very effective. Our essential oil blend is proprietary, so we cannot specifiy if those essential oils are in there. Sorry!

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G. Peterson

Great product

This is the best product to sanitize your hands in my opinion. Natural ingredients, convenient spray that travels well (I keep one in the car and one in the suitcase for when travel opens up), pleasant fragrance. Also organic and supports small farms. Also great customer service. I wrote and let them know that a bottle had leaked in transit to me and I got a call back and a new bottle shipped out next day. Impressive considering Covid closures.

Benedetta Skin Care

Thank you so much for this glowing review:) I have to agree with you as I am the one that formulated it. Hi, it's me Julia, I created this at the end of the last century, more than 20 years ago because I wanted a solution to the Isopropyl myristate product that, at the time, was the only hand sanitizer out there. It was soon showing up on all teachers desks with a mandate for children to sanitize several times daily. Evidence has shown that it strips the natural flora or immunity from your hands, not to mention the drying effects. Once again, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this item. BTW: Our Sacred Soap has become one of my favorite products as we are washing our hands numerous times a day, especially for those us working outside the home. It has NO synthetic Lye and is loaded with Shea Butter, making it the creamiest and non-drying soap I know of. Comes in 2 oz to travel with if you are working. Stay well!:)



It smells so good and does not dry my hands out! I’m glad it does not affect the microbiome. We need our guts to protect us at this critical time!

Benedetta Skin Care

Thank you so much for your review!


Another Wonderful Product

I appreciate a hand sanitizer with such a pleasant scent. Thank you!


Doesn't dry your hands out!

This hand sanitizer is so great! I love that it doesn't dry your hands out and that it's a spray. It dries quickly and doesn't leave your hands a mess. I always have one in my purse, diaper bag and on my desk.

Laura S.
United States

I carry this everywhere!

This is the best hand sanitizer, 2 sprays for both hands, smells great and no chemicals.

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