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About The Founder

Every so often there is a paradigm shift in an industry. A time when either one or several individuals question the status quo of a particular product or service.

Julia's Journey to Benedetta

A pioneer in recognizing the harmful effects of parabens and preservatives, Julia's mission was to use nourishing, alive, fresh botanicals. Finding no labs willing to accommodate her request for petrochemical-free botanicals, she looked to the organic food suppliers for ingredients, leading to Benedetta’s sustainable Farm-Sourced® message.

From her teen years, Julia sought an understanding of vibrant, holistic health, working in the health food industry and becoming educated in herbalism and nutrition. Julia then spent 5 years living in an ashram, where she received profound lessons about intention, conscious living, and truly caring for others in a selfless way. The reflection of this way of life led to the foundation of Benedetta and its intentional namesake— Italian for “Blessed”.


As a clinician performing customized treatments for my clients, Julia questioned the skin care industry’s competence. She challenged their overall indulgence of chemical latent products, but moreover realized that the systems by which the consumer was indoctrinated to buy into, were inefficient. Many of those companies used the term “all natural” skin care and were sold largely in health food stores, although paradoxically lacking a bioavailable profile of ingredients. It was as if the skin were made of plastic and not a living breathing organism with tissues composed of nerves, blood cells, lymphocytes, sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, and more. 

Reacting to that present reality, Julia set forth to understand further- the skin’s intrinsic needs from the vantage point of holistic health; something she prescribed to from a very early age, challenging doctors’ use of antibiotics long before our present day’s understanding. Citing that they lowered immunity, causing potential or further damage than the original reason for their use. These same instincts and logical assessments, spurred similar questions relevant to our skin’s structure and how it relates to other bodily systems and functions. The plastic narrative just didn’t hold water (no pun intended). 

If the skin has the ability to ingest as well as excrete toxins, then what would the absorption of nutrients attain? Where and what nutrients can the skin recognize, and what development is needed for them to be efficiently bioavailable? In addition, what is required to be beneficial for the holistic health and longevity of the skin? 

The next several years after the founding of the Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs, [catalysts for the Water Integration theory], these questions were answered.