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About The Founder

Julia Faller is the founder and formulator of Benedetta Farm-Sourced® Holistic Skin Care. Decades ahead of her time in the creation of her first products in 1986, Julia has set the revolutionary tone and language for nourishing skin care formulations entirely composed of plants and botanicals. Julia’s first priority is the energetic quality of Benedetta’s formulas. She intuitively seeks botanicals with complementary chemical constituents that work with the skin’s cellular framework, always adhering to Organic & Biodynamic practices.

A pioneer in recognizing the harmful effects of parabens and preservatives, her mission was to use nourishing, alive, fresh botanicals. Finding no labs willing to accommodate her request for petrochemical-free botanicals, she looked to the organic food suppliers for ingredients, leading to Benedetta’s sustainable Farm-Sourced® message.

From her teen years, Julia sought an understanding of vibrant, holistic health, working in the health food industry and becoming educated in herbalism and nutrition. Julia then spent 5 years living in an ashram, where she received profound lessons about intention, conscious living, and truly caring for others in a selfless way. The reflection of this way of life led to the foundation of Benedetta and its intentional namesake— Italian for “Blessed”.

Her expertise in the fields of medical aromatherapy, botanical chemistry, homeopathy, quantum physics, and nutrition, to name a few, along with her practice as a licensed esthetician and Jin Shin practitioner, have paved the way for the architecture of her authentic formulations.

Julia lives in Sonoma County, California, where she continues to oversee production of her original small batch products. She is a loving wife and mother of three.

I formulate holistically, by looking at the right botanicals and enveloping them in a synergy that will aid the skin’s ability to harmonize. I perceive Planet Earth as our habitat, growing plants that heal and regenerate us at deep, sustainable levels. Our skin is our shield and first visible indicator of our health, endurance, and well-being. It is my mission and joy to be on the forefront of vibrant energetic formulations that do just that.