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About Us

Benedetta = Ben-ă-dāt-tă

Since 1996, Benedetta (blessed) continues to be ahead of its time using Farm-Sourced®, 100% botanical ingredients, while supporting family-owned sustainable farms, both domestic and global.

Benedetta provides small-batched, active and fresh personal care preparations,  intentionally created with energetic practices.

Benedetta is an authentic and original founded company. Discovering new and unique achievements in the care of our skin, using 100% plant technology, in cooperation with specific systems of use.

Our unique principles encourage the body's ability to work in harmony with the skin, giving corrective and continued results, holistically. 

"The secret to formulation is not in any single ingredient, but in their unification relevant to the skins systemic need and health. Created to purify, hydrate, and nourish the skin when used as designed." - Julia Faller Founder/ Formulator

Benedetta is the leader in innovation when addressing the systemic health and radiance of our largest organ and visible indicator - the skin. Benedetta may not follow the status quo or conventional thinking of what the skin needs, like- no toners after cleansing or no heavy creams at night; replaced with bioavailable botanical nutrients the skin recognizes and uses, have proven to reap healthier, more nourished and less damaged skin.

Our 5-Step Daytime and 3-Step Nighttime Facial Regimens have proven their effectiveness and longevity with less wrinkling, greater hydration, and overall skin health and radiance.

Furthering our commitment to Water Integration, our Hydrosol & Body Crème Duos give new meaning to locking in greater hydration with our water before oil or crème concepts. This process has shifted our skin's ability to retain much needed water when applying Benedetta's many luxurious Body Crèmes.