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Introduction to Benedetta

As the hallmark and standard of excellence in Organic Skin Care since 1986, Benedetta has championed Certified Organic & Biodynamic agriculture with the creation of functional formulations.  Founder, Julia Faller, created Benedetta with a clear intention to serve a need that hadn’t yet been met in an industry riddled with petrochemicals and false ingredients. Benedetta’s unique insistence on Farm-Sourced® ingredients, with attention to synergistic formulas, is key to delivering function and purpose in a system of use or holistic regimen.

Benedetta may not follow the status quo or conventional thinking of what the skin needs, like- no toners after cleansing, no night creams, no soapy cleansers, no SPFs, and more. Instead, the line is developed with the holistic and systemic view of what the skin truly needs to be more nourished and less damaged.

“I marry the intelligence and wisdom of the botanicals in a way that

resonates with our vital core and principle functions of the skin.  - Julia Faller

About Benedetta and Our System of Use

No single botanical is as useful or bioavailable to an organism (such as our skin) until they are unified to create a purpose. Once together, they provide sustenance and establish their own individual DNA, which by its own composition can be replicated, with exception to the changeable differences of the botanical constituents with each cultivating year. It’s in this botanical union that makes each formula have purpose, whether used alone or in conjunction with another preparation to enhance the true health of the skin. 

To sum it up - the ingredients are the life force of each composition, but it is with a keen understanding of the true methodology of what the skin needs to be healthy and balanced that makes a functional skin care preparation and line. We stand firm on our awareness and conviction that plant-derived antioxidants protect the skin and filter atmospheric damage as key elements to our longevity. As is Water Integration, another pioneered concept that has proven true as we age; with a focus on water hydration before oil, and alone at night to replenish the lost hydration/moisture ratio as we sleep.

Each individual is different, we have our own genetic coding and heritage to deal with.  Not all of us are a size 2, or have curly or straight hair, but each of us deserves the right to have clear, youthful skin and be the best we can be.  There is truth in knowing this and finding great solutions to our care, again holistically and sustainably. 

5-Step Daytime Regimen

  1. Rosemary & Geranium Crème Cleanser
  2. “The” Eye Crème
  3. Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs
  4. Precious & Nourishing Antioxidant Oils
  5. Visibly Radiant Moisturizers

3-Step Nighttime Regimen

  1. Rosemary & Geranium Crème Cleanser
  2. Nighttime Repair Serum
  3. Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs

The Farm-Sourced® Ethic

Benedetta utilizes Certified Organic & Biodynamic ingredients, with 96-100% sourced from family owned farms all over the world. When we do use distributors, they are required to have certificates of organic and/or biodynamic status, gas chromatograph testing, and date of harvest and process. 

The Farm-Sourced®Ethic is one that requires due diligence and care in the procurement, timeliness of transport and even the proper storage upon receipt of goods.  Glass is a priority for smaller items and stainless steel for the larger tank-sized materials.

Benedetta feels a sense of camaraderie with our farmers and are very grateful for every year’s harvest.  The world of farming has become sacred with many organic farmers switching to biodynamic principles. We are very interested in their process, knowing fully that their success is ours.  Without each plant’s vitality we would not be Benedetta.

About our Founder/Formulator- Julia Faller

Julia Faller has set the revolutionary tone and language for nourishing skin care formulations entirely composed of plants and botanicals. She intuitively seeks botanicals with complementary chemical constituents that work with the skin’s cellular framework, always adhering to Organic & Biodynamic practices.

From her teen years, Julia sought an understanding of vibrant, holistic health, working in the health food industry and becoming educated in herbalism and nutrition. Julia then spent 5 years living in an ashram, where she received profound lessons about intention, conscious living, and truly caring for others in a selfless way.

Her expertise in the fields of medical aromatherapy, botanical chemistry, homeopathy, quantum physics, and nutrition, to name a few, along with her practice as a licensed esthetician and Jin Shin practitioner, have paved the way for the architecture of her authentic formulations.

“It is all about design and purpose, not just clean ingredients, that’s a given. We need a systemic approach to caring for our skin in addition to topical care.  Excellent skin care should purify, correct, protect, and nourish, using no pharmaceuticals or falsified ingredients- just plants.”  -Julia Faller

Julia’s Journey to Benedetta

Every so often there is a paradigm shift in an industry. A time when either one or several individuals question the status quo of a particular product or service.

As a clinician performing customized treatments for my clients, I did question the skin care industry’s competence.  I challenged their overall indulgence of chemical latent products, but moreover realized that the systems by which the consumer was indoctrinated to buy into, were inefficient.  Many of those companies used the term “all natural” skin care and were sold largely in health food stores, although paradoxically lacking a bioavailable profile of ingredients. 

It was as if the skin were made of plastic and not a living breathing organism with tissues composed of nerves, blood cells, lymphocytes, sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, and more. 

Reacting to that present reality, I set forth to understand further- the skin’s intrinsic needs from the vantage point of holistic health; something I prescribed to from a very early age, challenging doctors’ use of antibiotics long before our present day’s understanding.  Citing that they lowered immunity, causing potential or further damage than the original reason for their use.

These same instincts and logical assessments, spurred similar questions relevant to our skin’s structure and how it relates to other bodily systems and functions. The plastic narrative just didn’t hold water (no pun intended).

If the skin has the ability to ingest as well as excrete toxins, then what would the absorption of nutrients attain? Where and what nutrients can the skin recognize, and what development is needed for them to be efficiently bioavailable? In addition, what is required to be beneficial for the holistic health and longevity of the skin?

The next several years after the founding of the Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs, [catalysts for the Water Integration theory], these questions were answered.

Benedetta Facts:

Benedetta is ahead of its time by decades and continues to pursue groundbreaking technologies through plant intelligence.