Personalized Regimen

Rosemary Verbenone • Most Skin | Neroli • Drier Skin
Ylang Ylang • Oilier Skin | Anti-Inflammatory • Sensitive

Our facial line is grouped according to an Oilier - Most - Drier spectrum. If you are unsure of your skin type or are considered “combination”, we recommend beginning with the Ylang Ylang line, and observing how your skin changes once nourished and hydrated. For example, even those who are naturally oilier may have been exposed to so many stripping and drying products that their current disposition could mistaken for drier.

While we have developed these facial lines for specific skin types, your skin may respond well to certain products outside your designated line or by alternating multiple products in combination - so don’t be afraid to experiment! While our Anti-Inflammatory line is wonderful for those sensitive or inflamed, products from this line are also a great supplements for Most, Oilier, and Drier users who need some soothing and calming from time to time, in times of sunburn or windburn, or after microdermabrasion or laser treatments. For new users with acne or dysfunctional skin, we recommend beginning with a 1 oz. cleanser and a Crystal Radiance Elixir. Giving your skin time to heal and balance will prepare you for further treatment and nourishment.

Keep in mind that once your skin moves into balance, your current disposition, whether oily, normal, or drier, may shift. We encourage you to explore our product groupings as your skin transitions through seasons, dietary changes, strain, and stress.

Please contact our staff at or call (707)-665-3904 to discuss a personalized skin care regimen best suited to your needs.