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Sustainability Practices

Since Benedetta's inception in 1996, we've been committed to growing a conscientious business. Recyclable glass packaging, recycled shipping materials, non-toxic natural cleaners in production, and our minimalist business practices ensure our efforts to lessen our environmental impact. Our products have never been and never will be tested on animals.

Benedetta is proud to have clean manufacturing practices due to the integrity of our raw materials, guaranteeing no chemical runoff into our watershed. Additionally, we ensure minimal water waste during manufacture and look to minimize waste wherever possible.

A majority of our preparations are housed in full-spectrum violet glass, the best possible protective packaging for high quality, natural products. These beautiful violet bottles ensure the freshness of Benedetta products by protecting against visible light, maintaining the formula's potency and active nature. Where we cannot use glass, we use a mix of coated aluminum and BPA & EA-free recyclable packaging. A combination of top-shelf packaging and the efficacy of our energetic ingredients allows us to create a powerful line without the use of any synthetic chemicals or preservatives.