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The Holistic View

True healing treats the mind, the spirit, and both the physical and emotional body. We base our formulas off 30+ years of knowledge about the histology and anatomy of the skin and body, as well as a knowledge of what nutrients the skin needs, how it feeds, and how it releases. While we can't create a personalized formula for every customer, we look at the disposition of a skin type and consider the underlying causes behind various skin maladies in order to create a product that is both safe and effective for multiple purposes. Our skin is a visible indicator of dysfunction occurring elsewhere in the body, and we always recommend pursuing a healthy lifestyle or care from a holistic practitioner in addition to the use of Benedetta preparations.

"Holistic" doesn’t just mean natural, it means looking to what works symbiotically in nature to holistically treat the skin. Our products never contain synthetic fragrances, fillers or coloring agents; each formula has the rich color and sweet smell nature intended. We consider how long a plant has been on the planet, where it grows, its botanical family, and its color and appearance before considering it for our products. Our formulation ethic is to foster a connection with botanicals like that of indigenous peoples' relationship to their rainforests - we believe all answers to a healthy and vibrant life can be found in our beautiful habitat.

Our complex system of formulating is a process of drawing nutrients together; knowing that when you use two botanicals together, the resulting formula is something greater than the sum of its parts. Here, intuition blends with understanding the chemical makeup of botanicals and their families. Occasionally, we use multiple essential oils from the same botanical in a formula, considering the different chemotypes it contains. Each may possess constituents useful for different reasons, as they come from different regions and had different growing practices, and work together better than apart.

Essential oils have long been used throughout antiquity as powerful medicine, as they oxygenate the blood and carry and move other nutrients with them*. However, they need a vehicle; we believe in marrying oils to a base as clean as they are. Many of our products are named after an essential oil, as we see them as a root or life force, but those oils do not necessarily have predominance within the formula. Creating a synergy enhances and alters the botanical, which is why we use whole plant synergies whenever possible—the blossom, the leaf, sometimes even the root. Rather than isolating botanicals to the point where they’re no longer natural and the body doesn’t recognize them, looking to synergies in nature allows us to create active and powerful products that work safely and treat your body holistically.