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The Ombra Del Sole Series

Ombra Del Sole Series

Prevent environmental damage with the Ombra Del Sole Series. What’s more toxic: The sun or the sunscreen? Sunscreens are recognized as a critical part of our topical ointment clothing. The sun and constant destruction of our ozone leave us vulnerable to risks of degenerative skin disorders.

Seeking a system high in bioavailable, nutrient-rich antioxidants, the Ombra Del Sole series is expertly formulated to Correct, Protect and Repair, using fully plant-realized nutrients.

The 6 Ombra Del Sole preparations provide renewal at deeper levels in the fight against free radical damage. With immune support and cellular realignment, it assists the skin’s longevity and moreover its resilience.

Check out our video from our Founder on why she created the Ombra Del Sole Series.