Water Saturation

The key to cell renewal and Anti-aging is multifaceted. Heredity, environment and poor lifestyle choices all play a role. It is apparent that no matter the cause, the solution is to reap the benefits of a conscious, healthy lifestyle.

Simply put, one that introduces positive nutrition through seasonal, organic fresh foods, exercise, plenty of good water, and above all, feed your skin with Benedetta Farm-Sourced® Skin Care.

Benedetta integrates water and specialized waters not only in individual preparations but also within a system of use. Our facial regimen, for instance, has a 5 step procedure that interlaces water, then oil, then water and so on to enhance saturation.

Water is the single most important substance to enliven our system and our skin. The skin contains 64% water and our cells need and thrive in water to balance and aid our vital supple health. As we age we lose the hydration our cells need and the skin starts to dehydrate, giving the appearance of wrinkling and sagging.

The Crystal Radiance Series of Hydrating Elixirs

These Elixirs are created to introduce hydration under oil based preparations, but were more importantly developed to use alone after cleansing the skin at night or end of day.

The concept is to allow the skin to “breathe” without the use of cremes but instead with activated, bioavailable waters, to encourage the skin’s natural cell division, repair and regeneration. Study’s show that the internal clock of skin cells divide and regenerate during our sleeping cycle. The Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs- Rosemary Verbenone, Neroli and Ylang Ylang,  were created with this biological clock reference in mind.

Used during the day under Precious & Nourishing Antioxidant Oils- Palmarosa & Geranium to secure cell saturation and revitalization.


Benedetta procures Hydrosols from many farmers near and far. These true distillates are only created through the process of distillation. They carry the energetic profile of the plants life and impart gentle yet effective therapeutic qualities. We have a Vibrant Hydrosol that incorporates Lemon Cypress, Rosemary Verbenone, and Neroli, along with our singles, which include: Rose, and Lavender Hydrosols.

As in the Crystal Radiance series for facial rejuvenation, we suggest to use our Hydrosols to saturate the body alone, and especially before our Body Crèmes and other oil or crème based preparations such as Ombra Del Sole- Defense & Repair Crème.