Citrus Sugar & Salt Exfoliant

  • Experience organic sugars and the finest therapeutic salts from all over the globe. Organic & Biodynamic citrus and flower oils, along with red marine algae, are among the few of the expertly chosen botanicals in this fine, unmatched preparation. Citrus Sugar & Salt Exfoliant synergistically assists the skin’s holistic renewal from environmental damage, some of which include, rough skin, discoloration, and age spots. With consistent use, your skin will look and feel its best!

  • Day: Scrub body with Exfoliant while dry, and use Sacred Soap in shower to rinse. Spray after with one of our hydrosols, and apply body crème all over body.

  • Coming Soon!

  • Sugar Cane Saccharum officinarum • Sea Salts: Grey France, White California, Dead Sea, and Himalayan Pink • Hydrosols: Lemon Cypress Cupressus sempervirens, Rose Rosa damascena • Castor Oil Ricinus communis • Black Soap: Palm Kernel Oil Elaeis guineensis, Shea Butter Vitellaria paradoxa, and Pot Ash • Red Marine Algae Chondrus Crispus • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils • Koji Aspergillus oryzae • Rosemary Extract Rosmarinus officinalis

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