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  • The ORIGINAL natural lice treatment and preventative since 1996! • Organic • Non Toxic

    Benedetta’s Out-A-Hair lice oil is an all-natural, alternative head lice treatment, originally formulated by a mother for her own children. This 100% botanical formula was created to fill a void in a time when the only other options on the market were severe chemical treatments. More than two decades later it continues to treats little ones without harsh or toxic chemicals. 

    Out-A-Hair uses Certified Organic ingredients, including oils like coconut and neem to soften eggs from the hair shaft for easy removal, and leaves the hair conditioned as a bonus. Additionally, and most important, the essential oil blend helps to kill the louse so not to reattach to your precious child. Because lice will not latch onto oily hair, Out-A-Hair also serves as a preventative as well as a treatment.

    FULL KIT Includes: 2 oz. bottle OUT-A-HAIR oil treatment, Dropper for ease of saturating the scalp, Fine comb, specific to removing eggs, Coloring sheet to ease the stress, Hair net

  • For best results, use in morning. Do not use overnight in case of allergic reaction.

  • Head lice (Pediculosis) is considered an epidemic; reaching an estimated 9 million cases yearly in the United States alone. With the exception of the common cold, head lice is the most widespread communicable disease among children. Not only do these “lousy lice” infest our beautiful children, but they have become resistant to the popular over the counter pesticides sold in drug stores containing pyrethrin.

    My story starts some years ago when my daughter came home infested with head lice for the third time in 3 months. Hiding the awful truth from me for about 5 days (an eternity of propagation to a louse); she then infected her 3 year old twin brother and sister. Once again I was faced with ridding these pests from my home and now all 3 children!

    I didn’t like the idea of using pesticides on my children. There were no alternatives to the “quick”, easy and effective products from the drugstore. I purchased two Family Size packs of the leading lice ridding solution, hoping for salvation. In between wash loads I saturated each of my children with the product. Following the directions meticulously I went through each strand of hair trying fervently to get the nits (eggs) out dipping the provided comb in vinegar. This task took hours.

    After an exhausting day of laundry, tears, and unimaginable stress, as I was brushing my oldest daughter’s hair I found to my horror, two live lice! The company clearly states their guarantee right on the box, “A Single Application Kills Lice and Their Eggs Prevents Re-infestation”

    I went back to the store and purchased two more boxes and started the nightmare all over again. By now I was convinced I was poisoning my kids and not once but twice in the same day. If a company can lie to me about being effective, why not lie about being safe? Even if they believe it was safe I knew better. My guilt was tremendous. But I wanted those pests dead!

    After this episode was all over I decided to live in a comfortable place of denial, after all, this was never going to happen to my family again. WRONG!!! We endured two more attacks of head lice. Each time I tried different brands of chemical products. One seemed no better than the other, having to use at least twice the recommended dose and for longer periods of time.

    The last outbreak came on the second day of school when my oldest child waited until 10:00pm to tell me she was infested AGAIN! This time I called our HMO and spoke to an advice nurse. She suggested applying the product to dry hair instead of wet as directed by the manufacturer.

    I ran to the grocery store to once again purchase the Family Pack. By midnight I felt I had combed through every strand of my daughter’s thick hair. The next day I walked with her into school to inform the office that she had been infected and was now clean. The school’s new “no nit” policy was to check the child before allowing them to return to class. With what looked to be a large knitting needle the nurse separated the hair to look for lice and nits. To our horror 2 large healthy lice came crawling out making us look like liars. The school’s nurse then informed me that lice products with pyrethrin were, in her opinion, toxic, and I should not reuse such a product on her head for at least 2 weeks. Now I (a parent who always turned to natural alternatives to treat my children) was being told by this conventional nurse to stop using these toxic products. This was the day I decided to take matters into my own hands no more shame and no more poison.

    I went home and put over 10 years of Aromatherapy experience and product formulation to good use. Using every antiparasitic essential oil I had available I made a blend in vegetable oil. Before sitting down in the bathtub with my daughter I explained that this was not her fault, but only an unfortunate and nasty part of life. I applied the oil to her hair until it was saturated then combed out any louse dead or alive and flushed them happily down the drain. Every few hours I combed out the nits. Approximately 8 hours later we washed her hair one time making sure it was still coated slightly with oil. The next morning I went through one last time checking for any stubborn nits left behind. They miraculously came away from her hair by just using my fingertips. Not only was this process safe, it conditioned her hair beautifully and smelled great too. To my complete satisfaction she was CLEAN! That was the end of lice for our family.

    About 2 years later while working part time at a local health food store, 3 tearful moms came in, all in one day, looking for alternatives to existing products with Pyrethrin. With the permission of the store’s management, I created a similar product and hand labeled them for the store. Within a short time we started getting referrals from our local pharmacist, as well as people coming from all over the County to purchase the “Lice Oil”.

    Out-A-Hair was borne out of my own experience and the need to have a clean effective product that parents can feel good about using on their children.

  • Coconut Oil • Neem Oil • Melaleuca Alternifolia • Citrus Aurantium • Essential Oils

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