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Benedetta Creams: Anti-Aging Skin Care Reviews

Benedetta Creams: Anti-Aging Skin Care Reviews

Benedetta is a Skin Care line that provides natural products made up mainly of
essential oils and organically grown raw materials. Founded in 1996 by Julia
Faller, the company's aim was using high quality ingredients that can help women
with their skin problems without giving them a hard time with side effects or
allergies. Manufacturers claim that the ingredients they use are bought from
universal communities that deal with only organic materials and from local

Benedetta Skin Care line is mainly focused on anti-aging treatment and
rejuvenation, but of course there are still some products for other facial care
purposes. The product that seems to be highlighted though is the Benedetta Eye
Cream that promises to fill up fine lines and wrinkles, improve dark spots and
puffiness found under the eyes. This cream contains Vitamin K which is extracted
from Alfalfa, Green Tea Extracts, Rose Extracts, and some oils such as Borage,
Jojoba and Pumpkin Seed; this probably makes Benedetta skin care line one of the most natural lines on the market, however, we did not find complete lists of
ingredients to make sure that Benedetta is all about natural ingredients,
because we saw companies claim that their products are all natural, only to find
out later that they use some chemicals like paraben (a cheap preservative that
can be irritant to sensitive skins).

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