Episode 4: Living with Intention

In this episode, Natasha and Julia being in a new guest, Gabrielle. They discuss “living with intention”, which includes meditation, rituals and yoga.

Episode 3: The New 3 Step Nighttime Regimen

In this episode, we discuss our new 3 Step Nighttime Regime and how this regime differs from our 5 Step Daytime Regime. Additionally, we detail the specific ingredients in the Nighttime Repair Serum and how they work in harmony with our Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs.

Episode 2: Masks

In this episode of A Chat with Benedetta, where we sit down with Benedetta founder and formulator Julia Faller and social media maven, Natasha Lockwood. In this episode, we discuss our two masks, their benefits, trendy glitter masks and more!

Episode 1: Authenticity

In our first episode of A Chat with Benedetta, social media maven Natasha Lockwood sits down with Benedetta Skin Care founder, Julia Faller. They discuss authenticity and truth.