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Zero waste botanical skincare products for women, sustainable eco friendly.


Since our establishment in 1996, Benedetta has been committed to maintaining a Conscious Beauty business model. We are proud of our insistence on using only post-consumer shipping materials and recyclable packaging. 

Benedetta has the cleanest manufacturing practice possible to minimize our environmental impact. We use only non-toxic cleaners in production to guarantee no chemical runoff and minimize our water waste and usage. We store all of our raw materials in glass or stainless steel to prevent plastic leaching and preserve our materials at their best.

Seed to Bottle Philosophy

Our preparations focus on preserving the vibrancy of the product beyond the organic and biodynamic standard. Our Seed to Bottle philosophy ensures that we only source raw materials when they are naturally available from our farmers and distributors after harvest, and quick transport of botanicals in stainless steel containers or glass.

You can read more about our Farm-Sourced® Ethic here.

Ethical Harvesting

Occasionally we do receive questions about the ethical sourcing of one ingredient or another. 

As Benedetta uses botanical ingredients exclusively, we understand that many raw botanical materials may become over produced for profit before sustainability. With the over-saturated plant-based skin care market, supply and demand has put many of these botanical materials in jeopardy.

In regards to our use of Palm Kernel Oil, Benedetta only purchases from suppliers that are certified organic and carry the sustainable certificate from RSPO. Benedetta would never–to the best of our knowledge–purchase a raw material that endangers lives, causes deforestation, or is a detriment to the environment.

“As a supporter of certified organic, biodynamic and ethically harvested materials, and as Benedetta’s founder, I refrain from the use of endangered botanicals that are harmful to any ecosystem.”

–Julia Faller

Miron Glass

We store all of our raw materials in glass or stainless steel to prevent plastic leaching and preserve our materials at their best. Furthermore, we package all of our products in glass, aluminum, and Miron glass when necessary.

Miron glass is full-spectrum violet glass designed specifically to filter almost all visible light. Our Miron glass packaging protects and preserves the vibrancy and potency of our products to maximize the lifetime and efficacy of each and every bottle. When we cannot use glass, we use either coated aluminum and BPA & EA-free recyclable packaging. Our insistence on high quality packaging, while expensive, gives us the freedom to create a powerful and concentrated line without the use of phthalates, plasticizers, binders or preservatives.

Cruelty Free

Our products have never been and never will be tested on animals.