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Each product within the Benedetta line is formulated to work in union with one another. This synergistic line was created with the intention that, with a proper system of use, natural skin care could treat more than just the top layer for truly healthy, nourished skin. The result is skin that is balanced with a supple, beautiful feel. Our clients who continue to use our facial regimen are a testament to our line's exceptional results.

"Benedetta's system stimulates the skin's organizing intelligence to self-adjust to its best behavior. The results: ageless, strong, and radiant skin."

–Julia Faller

Drier - Most - Oilier

Our facial line is divided according to 3 basic skin types: Drier, Most, and Oilier. Products designed for Drier dispositions are formulated with a gentler approach to soothe dry, irritated, or inflamed skin. On the other hand, products designed for Oilier skin are formulated with more astringent ingredients to help curb oil production and bring your skin back into balance. Lastly, our products developed for Most dispositions are designed to help maintain the natural balance of your skin.


Although our product line is divided according to skin dispositions based on innate hydration propensity, we do also offer a fourth product line designed to those with more sensitive skin. Our Anti-Inflammatory line is great for those prone to redness or problematic* inflammation and skin sensitivities. However, Julia Faller also terms our Anti-Inflammatory a “Medicine Cabinet Staple” as it supplements Drier, Most, and Oilier skin dispositions during periods of inflammation caused by sunburn, windburn, or after microdermabrasion or laser treatments.

Where to Start

If you’re unsure of your skin type or would consider your skin as combination–that is, oily in some places and dry in others–we suggest beginning with our Oilier line made with ylang ylang which helps to calm overactive skin. From there, observe how your skin changes and adapts to our much more nourishing and hydrating formulas. We often discover many clients mistakenly assume their skin is “Drier” only because of continued use of other stripping, chemical-laden product lines. 

For users more concerned with acne or dysfunctional skin, our first suggestion will always be to use our Crème Cleanser with a Hydrating Elixir of your choice. This gives your skin time to heal and balance out so that you’re better prepared for further treatment and nourishment.

Then again, if you’d prefer a professional approach to crafting a facial regimen unique to your skin, feel free to give us a call at +1 (707) 665 - 3904 and schedule a consultation with Founder and Formulator, Julia Faller.


While we did develop these 3 separate lines to care for different skin dispositions, your skin is unique to you and may therefore respond differently than expected. You may find that mixing and matching products from all 3 lines works better than sticking to a single rigid approach. So feel free to experiment! 

Keep in mind that once your skin comes into balance, your current disposition–whether that is drier, most, or oilier–may shift.  We encourage you to explore all of our product lines as your skin changes due to the weather, climate, your diet, and of course stress!

*Skin sensitivities may be caused by an underlying medical condition and should always be diagnosed by a professional Health Care Practitioner.