Since 1986, Water Integration has played a key role in Benedetta’s product formulation and system of use. Overtime we’ve begun to call it our cornerstone. No Benedetta line is complete without an element of water in it.

Why Water Integration?

The key to cell renewal and anti-aging is multifaceted. Heredity, environment and poor lifestyle choices all play a role. It is apparent that no matter the cause, the solution is to reap the benefits of a conscious, healthy lifestyle. Simply put, one that introduces positive nutrition through seasonal, organic fresh foods, exercise, plenty of good water, and above all, feed your skin with Benedetta Farm-Sourced® Skin Care.

Water is the single most important substance to enliven our system and our skin. The skin contains 64% water and our cells need and thrive in water to balance and aid our vital supple health. As we age we lose the hydration our cells need and the skin starts to dehydrate, giving the appearance of wrinkling and sagging.

How we integrate water into our lines

Benedetta integrates water and specialized waters not only in in individual preparations, but also within our systems of use. Our facial regimen, for instance, has a 5-step procedure that interlaces water, then oil, then water and so on to enhance saturation.

Our Body Care line also integrates water with our Hydrosols and Body Crèmes. Most recently we’ve launched our “Hydrosol and Body Crème Duos” where you can purchase the products as a set, to really emphasize that importance of using a Hydrosol, or botanical water, prior to applying your Body Crème. And our newest line, the Ombra Del Sole series, has the Defense & Repair Elixir to introduce that water element as Step-1, prior to applying the oil, step 2 or the crème, step 3.

Benefits of Water Integration

Not only does water integration help to saturate your skin and provide a healthy and needed level of hydration for your skin cells, but it also works together with the other products. Often when you apply an oil or cream-based product directly to dry skin, your skin will immediately absorb it, making it difficult to really spread it throughout your skin or leave it with an oily residue. When you saturate your skin first with a water, be it an elixir or hydrosol, you - a) can spread the oil or cream much more evenly throughout your skin, b) receive an overall better level of hydration, c) are left with soft, smooth, non-oily skin, and lastly- you use less product.