About Benedetta

est. 1996
The First ALL Botanical Skin Care of Its Kind
Clean ● Organic ● Biodynamic
"Assisting your skin's best behavior"
–Julia Faller, Founder/Formulator

Founded in 1986, Benedetta is to this day the hallmark and standard of excellence in organic skin care and the Conscious Beauty movement. We champion the use of certified organic and biodynamic ingredients in tandem with functional formulations.

Founder and Formulator, Julia Faller, created Benedetta with the intention of providing the cleanest product in a time and industry riddled with the falsehoods of phthalates, parabens, pharmaceuticals, and sulfates. Benedetta is a skin care line unlike any other due to its insistence on Farm-Sourced® ingredients, synergy driven formulas, and holistic application.

We do not follow trends; we set them.

What Sets Us Apart

We do not adhere to the status quo. We do not make products in line with what the industry tells us a skin care line should or must have. We do not use toners. We do not sell soapy cleansers. We do not believe in heavy night creams or lip balms. We do not offer SPF products. Instead, Benedetta puts the needs of your skin first, not the needs of a skin care line. Our products are developed with an understanding of what your skin needs, and only what it needs, to be more hydrated, less damaged, and nourished from within.

“It is all about design and purpose, not just clean ingredients; that’s obvious. We need a systemic approach to caring for our skin in addition to topical care.  Exceptional skin care should purify, correct, protect, and nourish, without pharmaceuticals, plastics, or binders; just plants.”

–Julia Faller
Founder and Formulator

Insistence on Water Integration

Here at Benedetta, one of the most important tenets of our system is hydration and water integration. Water is the single most important substance to enliven our system and our skin. Your skin is 64% water and our cells need and thrive in a water-rich environment. Adequate hydration helps our skin maintain balance, aid nutrient uptake, and more importantly, look and feel healthy. As we age, we lose the hydration our cells need and skin dehydrates quicker, leading to wrinkles, puffiness, and sagging.