5-Step Daytime Facial Regimen

Benedetta's Daytime Facial Regimen is comprised of 5 individual steps: 1) Cleanse, 2) Enliven, 3) Hydrate, 4) Protect, and 5) Strengthen. 

"Designed first and foremost to create healthy skin, not a bandaid for blemishes or wrinkles, but a holistic system that encourages your skin to be its best and obviously look its best."

–Julia Faller

Step 1 Cleanse

Our regimen’s first step is designed to prepare your skin for its best uptake of the following steps and begins with one of our Crème Cleansers.

Apply quarter-sized amount (4-6 pumps) to DRY skin
Using our Open Mouth Resistance (OMR) technique, massage until absorbed
Focus on more congested areas
Rinse with lukewarm water using a soaked towel or washcloth
Pat dry

Benedetta Creme Cleanser

Creme Cleanser Anti-Inflammatory 

Step 2 Enliven

Our second step focuses on the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes in order to correct against signs of aging by treating dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles using our Eye Serum.

Apply rice grain-sized amount (½ pump) to area directly around eyes
Focus on lower and upper eyelids as well as brow ridge
Avoid patting product directly into eye
Let dry
Eye Serum

Step 3 Hydrate

Our regimen’s third step is all about water integration and hydration with one of our Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs.

Shake well
Hold bottle 10-12 inches from face
Spray 3-4 pumps across face and neck
Do NO let dry
Follow IMMEDIATELY with Step 4

Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Neroli

Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Rosemary Verbenone

Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Ylang Ylang 

Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir Anti-Inflammatory 

Step 4 Protect

Our fourth step occurs immediately after Step 3 in order to lock hydration as well as maximize the absorption of antioxidants and nutrients in our Precious and Nourishing Facial Oils.

Apply dime-sized amount (4-6 drops) IMMEDIATELY after Step 3 to face and neck
Massage until absorbed
Let dry

Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil Geranium

Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil Palmarosa

Precious & Nourishing Facial Oil Anti-Inflammatory

Step 5 Strengthen

The last step in our Daytime Facial Regimen is designed to seal in the hydration and nutrients absorbed in Steps 2 through 4, as well as strengthen and protect skin with one of our Visibly Radiant Moisturizers.

Apply dime-sized amount (1-2 pumps) to face and neck
Using our Open Mouth Resistance (OMR) technique, massage until absorbed
Let dry

Visibly Radiant Moisturizer Neroli

Visibly Radiant Moisturizer Rosemary Verbenone

Visibly Radiant Moisturizer Ylang Ylang 

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