Meet The Founder

“Every so often there is a paradigm shift in an industry. A time when either one or several individuals question the status quo of a particular product or service.”

About Julia

Even as a teenager, Julia pursued a total and in depth understanding of homeopathy and holisticism. She worked for years in the health food industry cultivating her knowledge of various supplements, botanicals, and herbs, eventually becoming highly educated in the ways of herbalism and nutrition. 

She took her dedication to living cleanly and consciously a step further when she decided to abandon her worldly pursuits in favor of a monastic lifestyle. In her ashram community, Julia received profound and irreplaceable lessons about intention, consciousness, selflessness, and living in rhythm with mother nature. 

When Julia finally decided to leave her ashram behind, she returned to the world of health and wellness, receiving formal education as an licensed esthetician as well as less than formal education in medical aromatherapy, botany, chemistry, homeopathy, and nutrition. These various fields and interests eventually led Julia to pursue a career in clinical treatment of skin and skin care. Julia set forth to understand the skin’s innate needs from a holistic perspective.

Thinking Differently

But as a clinician performing treatments for her clients in the 80s and 90s, Julia questioned the industry’s competency and integrity. She challenged the acceptance and even seemingly indulgence in chemical and plastic laden products. Moreover, she realized the approach promoted by the industry was ultimately flawed and therefore inefficient. It was as if the skin care industry saw skin–touted as the largest human organ–as nothing more than plastic rather than alive. 

And unfortunately those skin care companies that claimed to be “All Natural” lacked bioavailable ingredients, opting instead for laboratory-isolated chemicals. Julia questioned if the body could recognize and therefore utilize these isolated substances without the benefit of a natural delivery system. What was the point of using natural ingredients, if the body couldn’t utilize them because it could not recognize them? What nutrients could the skin recognize? How did a nutrient need to be presented for efficient uptake? And ultimately, what nutrients did skin need to be healthy and strong?

Founding Benedetta

Julia decided then to found her own line utilizing only fresh botanicals, living nutrients, while rejecting the use of harmful parabens and preservatives. Finding no laboratory willing to accommodate her request for phthalate free ingredients, Julia looked instead to the organic agricultural sector for raw materials, setting the precedent for Benedetta’s core Farm-Sourced® philosophy. Looking back on her journey and the many contributing events that brought her to this turning point in her career, Julia created Benedetta. 

Be•ne•de•tta meaning Blessed

Since then, Julia Faller has set the revolutionary tone and language for nourishing skin care formulations entirely composed of plants and botanicals. She seeks botanicals with complementary chemical constituents that work with the skin’s cellular framework for its best behavior.

“I marry the intelligence and wisdom of the botanicals in a way that resonates with our vital core and principle functions of the skin.”

–Julia Faller
Founder and Formulator