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“Every so often there is a paradigm shift in an industry. A time when either one or several individuals question the status quo of a particular product or service.”

About Julia

Julia Faller is the Founder and President of Benedetta, [blessed in Italian] the first and only skincare line formulated with 100% botanical, Certified Organic & Biodynamic ingredients. As a licensed esthetician and clinician in the 80’s and 90’s, Julia found herself questioning the cosmetic and skincare industries ethical approach in caring for the skin. The acceptance of a botanical here and there in a preponderance of chemical and plastic laden ingredients still considered ‘all natural’, was illogical and unhealthy.

How it Started

 Julia worked with her clients designing customized treatments geared towards purification, hydration and moisturization. Adhering to water saturation and integration at night [no night creams] The Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs were created in 1986.   The need to continue with an entire line was a huge responsibility and one that took years to realize. Researching botanical families and their constituents and how they affect our skin’s deep dermal level, and beyond, was necessary. Marrying the science of the natural world with our skin’s ability to recognize and utilize the preparation(s) became the cornerstone of Benedetta’s success. The entire line would emerge and get launched in 1996. 

Changing the Paradigm 

 When no laboratory or even botanical suppliers, were willing to accommodate her wish for Petro-chemical FREE ingredients she took matters into her own hands. Seeking raw materials from the health food and organic agricultural industry’s set the precedent for Benedetta’s Farm-Sourced® ethic. This became a core philosophy and driving force behind the brand as a whole. Utilizing only fresh botanicals and living, raw nutrients, while rejecting the use of harmful parabens, emulsifiers, preservatives and even vitamin pharmaceuticals. Then and now!

“My intention for all Benedetta formulas and system of use, has always been to create preparations that are as close to our earthly source as possible with reverence and respect for the intended user."

She believes that ‘clean’ ingredients should be an ethical given, not just marketing buzzwords.  Formula’s should work in tandem with others to achieve many holistic factors. Therefore, Benedetta preparations and regimens are a functional practice, utilizing a cohesive system that works to enhance your skins best behavior.

Going against the status quo was never an intent but happened organically as she saw and implemented what the skin really needs to be healthy, and ultimately ageless.

Beyond being a licensed esthetician, Julia is certified in Jin Shin with emphasis on facial rejuvenation, a certified aromatherapist, a certified nutritional consultant focusing on plant and herbal medicine and a certified biofield tuning practitioner, among others.