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The basic definition of Farm-Sourced® [coined by Benedetta] is to refer to a botanical that is as close to its earthly source as possible, and not altered in a laboratory to mimic a nutrient.

Farm-Sourced® should represent a standard of excellence requiring ingredients to be intentionally cultivated on a farm, ecologically harvested in the wild, or found in the sea. Additionally, conscious and careful processing of the plant material, in accordance with energetic principles, is critical to keeping the plant viable and active. Once received in our warehouse, ingredients are stored in a climate controlled environment and housed in glass, stainless steel or coated aluminum for optimal endurance and viability.

Climate & Farm-Sourced® Preparations

Insisting on Farm-Sourced® ingredients means working with nature. When procuring materials, we consider the climate and season they are grown in, as this can cause the nature of the botanical to shift. Seasonal changes can result in the slight variance of a formula’s aroma and color, often positively - the quality of our formulas always comes first.

We monitor our sourcing carefully and do our best to get information and gas chromatographs to gauge changes in a raw material. Poor climate conditions such as drought, excessive rain, or high temperatures can create a shortage, often resulting in extreme price hikes on our raw materials.

Harvest Time

At the beginning of summer, Benedetta procures many of our ingredients from farmers and producers we have a direct relationship with. We also work with numerous distributors that work directly with farmers and can provide us with production dates, batch tests, and documentation of certified organic status.

We do our best to acquire directly from farms as they are extremely dear to us, and allow for mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships. With the organic cosmetic industry trend in full swing, it is key for us to maintain relationships with our farmers to assure availability, especially during a poor yield year.

A partial list of regions showcasing our 20 year alliances with ecologically harvested, certified organic & biodynamic farms and farm-sourced® distributors:

California - 5 farms, 1 eco-harvester, 2 distributors, many family owned farms
Arizona - 1 farm
Texas - 1 farm
Hawaii - 2 farms
Oregon - 1 farm 1 distributor
Michigan - 1 eco-harvester
Canada - 2 farms
Albania - 1 farm
France - 2 farms, 1 eco-harvester, 1 distributor of many family owned farms
Egypt - 1 distributor of many family owned farms
South Africa - 1 distributor of many family owned farms
West Africa -1 farm /eco-harvester
Tunisia - 1 farm / eco-harvester
Madagascar - 1 farm / eco-harvester
Germany - 1 distributor of many family owned farms
Australia – 1 farm, 1 distributor of many family owned farms
Bulgaria – 3 farms
Fiji -1 farm / eco-harvester