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Control Creme blemish creme reduces redness and scaring

Control Créme

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Controls Oil • Diminishes Breakouts • Helps Scarring • Great For Bug Bites 

The Control Crème is a highly effective antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral treatment that works deeply to reduce blemishes. Our preparation holistically treats and prevents, and will not dry out the skin for a temporary fix. This remedy will regenerate skin and prevent scarring. The Control Crème will target excess oil and skin conditions including, but not limited to: pimples, blackheads, acneic rosacea, fever blisters, and shingles. It will even relieve the itch of a bug bite while it works to repair the skin! Safe to use at any age.

Day: Apply frequently throughout the day to affected area.

The Control Créme was inspired by the use of straight essential oils applied directly on the skin to curb sebum production and the bacteria that lives in that environment, often causing acne.

In the essential oil or aromatherapy world most aspiring aromatherapists are taught that the strong essential oils, like oregano, savory, thyme, and the like, are the ones that will target the bacteria. Though effective to some measure, they are hot and could cause irritation to the skin and mucous membrane. Even applying near the eyes could cause a reaction.

I wanted an alternative to conventional chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Retin-A to rid the skin of minor to severe blemishes. These popular OTC remedies for blemishes, although providing temporary relief, dry out the skin and often create more of a sebaceous gland issue by producing more sebum. This, in turn, stimulates more bacterial growth, ultimately giving way to the endless cycle.

The holistic view of regeneration and balance became the goal for renewed skin tissue.

Not too hot · Not too mild · But just right

The combination of supportive cellular activity with sebum control allows the aggressive, antibacterial, and antiviral properties of the formula to take root and become evident. The Control Créme is the best synergistic daily application to control oil and blemishes, holistically diminishing further breakouts.

98% Certified Organic Ingredients (1% Certified Biodynamic)
82% Domestic Harvest
1% Local Harvest

Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis • Foraha Calophyllum inophyllum • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils • Bee Propolis • Vegetable Cellulose

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