Hair Tonic

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A treat for your scalp and hair. This Hair Tonic is an amazing therapeutic blend of Farm-Sourced botanicals that help to exfoliate the scalp. The Hair Tonic can also protect and nourish the hair, improving the appearance of hair shine.


Fill applicator and slowly squeeze oil on scalp creating even parts saturating entire scalp. Brush or comb hair to coat ends. Wrap in a hot towel for 20-30 minutes. Wash hair thoroughly to remove oil.

*NOTE: If hard to squeeze into applicator, run under hot water.


Plant Oils: Coconut Cocos nucifera, Jojoba Simmondsia chinensis, Amalaki Phyllanthus emblica, Neem Azadirachtin indica, Red Palm Elaeis guineensis, Foraha Calophyllum inophyllum • Proprietary Blend Essential Oils

Hair Tonic

Hair Tonic

$ 58.00

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