Julia Faller

Julia Faller

Julia Faller lives in Sonoma County, California and is the founder and formulator of Benedetta Farm-Sourced® Holistic Skin Care. Her expertise in the fields of medical aromatherapy, botanical chemistry, homeopathy, quantum physics, and nutrition, to name a few, along with her practice as a licensed esthetician led her to create nourishing skin care formulations that are entirely composed of plants and botanicals. Read on to find out more about her brand:

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and why you started Benedetta?

I created Benedetta more than 20 years ago out of need for a truly holistic, energetic, 100% botanical line, not realized in the marketplace. I set out to create formulas and a system of use that made sense. The introduction of water saturation and Organic & Biodynamic nutrition’s sole purpose is to feed the skin, just as we feed our bodies with alive, bioavailable foods.

Moreover, each formula takes into account the symbiotic resonance between the botanical synergies and our largest organ’s ability to receive. Its complex yet simple- I never intended to become another company that produced items that targeted an allopathic symptomatic need. I look at the skin’s anatomy and histology to discover what works holistically and I go from there.

Our bodies reject all that is unnatural, maybe not immediately but eventually. Not just parabens and other petrochemicals which are obvious, but also processed pharmaceutical vitamins and minerals and over processed plant substances that have lost vitality.

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