We've Been Doing Skincare Wrong

We've Been Doing Skincare Wrong

A Chat with The Founder of Benedetta

Yes, you read that right! Keep reading to find out what I mean. Benedetta (the Italian word for "blessed") is the O.Gof clean, fresh skincare. I had the pleasure of meeting its founder, Julia, over the phone. What I learned has forever changed the way I look at skincare.

When she first created her first few products in 1987, Julia was way ahead of her time. No one was talking about "clean" or "green" beauty products, let alone skincare, at that time. While she recognized the potential harms in using toxins like parabens or preservatives, many people turned a blind eye.

Since then, she has developed such a masterworks of products and routines comprised entirely of carefully chosen plants and botanicals that work with the skin's cellular framework and in turn boost mindfulness and intention. Each piece–from each ingredient component, to the formulation method, to the packaging and Instructions for use–reflects Julia's hard work and wealth of knowledge.

When talked with Julia, she explained to me how she first struggled finding a lab that would make her skincare without petrochemicals! So, she took matters into her own hands. With her experience in nutrition, herbalism, and health foods, she turned to organic food suppliers for ingredients which would lead to Benedetta's sustainable Farm-Sourced® message.

What amazed me most in talking with Julia was the amount of detail she could tell me about a specific ingredient. She could tell me all about the farmer where she gets her amia or neroli from. This shows the integrity behind the brand in that Julia, after all these years, is still highly involved with the sourcing and harvesting of each ingredient, following its path from the farmer through production and into the bottle.

Still today, Benedetta's skincare regimens truly capture Julia's commitment to deliver consciously-made, small batch, high-vibrational skincare. I'd love to tell you more about my experience with them. Let's start with the morning regimen!

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