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Facial Care With Ylang Ylang

Humid Product Spotlight Production Photos Visibly Radiant Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang Crystal Radiance

Did you think Ylang Ylang was only for oily or combination skin? Here is what we know: Crystal Radiance Ylang Ylang and Visibly Radiant Ylang Ylang are your Benedetta Hydrating Elixir and Moisturizer respectively for humid weather! We made Ylang Ylang Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir and Visibly Radiant Moisturizer last week! View the photos below -- 93aad898-fc0d-44fb-ba62-393102683dca51b51ac5-53d6-4880-9684-89f5f122b14f

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