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Just in Time for Summer

Body Lotion Hydrosol Lavender Neroli Product Spotlight Reviews Vibrant

Summer is here... Time for extra nourishing care of your body through water integration!

Benedetta Body Care



Hydrosols are precious botanical waters, imparting well-being with sweet, aromatic aromas. Our true hydrosols help the skin release toxins, build circulation, exfoliate and tone, giving the skin a renewed suppleness. for maximum water absorption, we suggest spraying a hydrosol before lotion. 100ml & 50ml ~ Lavender ~ Neroli ~ Rose ~ Vibrant ~

Body Lotions

Farm-Sourced botanicals comprise these exquisite, authentic lotions. These synergies nourish your skin the way fresh, organic, and alive food nourishes your body. Our luscious lotion soaks into the skin and truly rejuvenates with moisture that lasts! 200ml & 50ml ~ Lavender ~ Immune Strength ~ Neroli ~ Tension Relief ~ Vibrant ~ Circulation What customers are saying - "It's simple, it's light, and it really just feels alive. I'm getting great results." - Aramani, San Francisco, CA "The lotions are all amazing. I have very dry skin and I never imagined I would find anything that would work this well! And the Vibrant lotion smells great too." - Elizabeth, S. Venice, CA

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