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2020 Certified Organic Rose Harvest

July 13, 2020

2020 Certified Organic Rose Harvest

Benedetta is very grateful for our alliance with the growers and processors of our distilled Rose Oil and Hydrosol, used in many Benedetta preparations including the Rose Duo.

The Rose Duo was formulated to nourish the thinner and more delicate areas of our body, like our chest and arms, and to open the heart and omit a sense of well being and 

We use the Rosa Damascena rose for its therapeutic and regenerative properties. Rosa Damascena is one of the most selfless botanicals. As soon as it blossoms it is plucked from its vine and rushed to distillation so as not to miss one drop of its life essence to the air around it.  

Building our long-lasting relationships for decades with farmers all over the world has been a cornerstone and heartfelt pleasure for us at Benedetta. Below are a couple of photos that represent the 2020 Certified Organic Rose Harvest.



Benedetta only uses distilled oils and hydrosols (waters), never solvent extraction like that of Rose absolute, more commonly used. 

FACT:  It takes 1 ton of petals to create only 1 ounce of oil, making Rose essential oil one of the most expensive (and falsified) oils in the marketplace.

In this most extraordinary time of self-care, we invite you to luxuriate and indulge yourself in our Rose products. 

ENJOY one of our trial sizes of Rose Soap with the purchase of our Rose Duo.
Now with a lower cost of $100 from our original price of $110.

Wishing you and yours great health and safety.