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Benedetta Basics

Benedetta Basics

As the seasons change, along with unusual weather patterns–including record breaking cold temperatures–it is even more important to care for our skin and overall systemic health. Drink more water, eat nourishing broths and soups, juice, take probiotics and eat lots of fermented foods, etc. The general needs of our skin can be addressed through proper care and the principles of uptake and utilization.

But let's talk specifics for a moment, for example understanding our bodies' interstitium, a newly discovered organ, that runs the entire distance of the human body. These fluid-like spaces within our connective tissues, muscles, organs, and even digestive tract are surrounded by a lattice of thick collagen bundles that aid the strength and longevity of our skin. The interstitium seems to be a necessary vehicle for hydration and nutritional uptake, proving further evidence that we need usable hydration inside and out. Understanding these and other anatomical functions, including but not limited to the lymphatic system, gives way to a broader revelation of what the skin needs to thrive. 

As such, these needs as well as many others has led to creating strategic synergistic formulas designed to deliver the precise health objective through individual preparations and in union with the system of use. If you are not using the Benedetta Facial Regimen or not using the products appropriately (read instructions carefully) you are not getting the full benefits of how I designed this for you. 

The 5-Step Daytime Facial Regimen and 3-Step Nighttime Facial Regimen system of use are better together than apart.

Step 1: Cleanse

Our regimen’s first step is designed to prepare your skin for its best uptake of the following steps and begins with one of our Crème Cleansers.

Step 2 Day: Enliven

Our daytime second step focuses on the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes in order to correct against signs of aging by treating dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles using our Eye Serum.

Step 2 Night: Repair

Our nighttime second step focuses on saturating the skin with free radical fighting nutrition while you sleep using our Nighttime Serum.

Step 3: Hydrate

Our regimen’s third step is all about water integration and hydration with one of our Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs.

Step 4 Day: Protect

Our daytime fourth step occurs immediately after Step 3 in order to lock hydration as well as maximize the absorption of antioxidants and nutrients in our Precious and Nourishing Facial Oils.

Step 5 Day: Strengthen

The last step in our 5-Step Daytime Facial Regimen is designed to seal in the hydration and nutrients absorbed in Steps 2 through 4, as well as strengthen and protect skin with one of our Visibly Radiant Moisturizers.

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