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Caring for your Scalp: Benedetta’s Hair Tonic

Caring for your Scalp: Benedetta’s Hair Tonic

Just like all Benedetta products, Julia Faller, the Founder and Formulator of Benedetta, conceived the Hair Tonic out of sheer necessity. The primary goals set forth in Julia’s creation were threefold to address:

  1. Seasonal scalp dryness and itchiness through exfoliation
  2. Brittle lack luster hair through nourishing and moisturization
  3. Minor hair thinning or loss through a nutritive approach to hair and scalp care 

Focusing on the root of the problem, the Hair Tonic primarily serves as a scalp exfoliant. Consequently, it effectively alleviates itchiness and dandruff. By nourishing the scalp, it also enhances the shine and overall healthiness of the hair.

 "My scalp was suffering from super heavy dandruff due to the seasonal weather change. I tried multiple solutions, and nothing worked until I tried Benedetta's Hair Tonic. After one treatment my scalp was less itchy, my dandruff pretty much gone. Also, my hair was so soft and shiny I felt like a hair model! I can't wait to use it again. I will keep it in my Benedetta arsenal of amazing products!! - T.D

Furthermore, research suggests that scalp exfoliation may have a role in stimulating hair growth. In fact, many of our customers have reported significant improvements in hair growth as a result of using our Hair Tonic.

“The Hair Tonic is the most effective hair product I have ever used. I suffer from autoimmune problems and have struggled very much with hair loss in the past. Since I have discovered this hair tonic, my hair loss has lessened. New baby hairs have started growing in, and all my hair is so glossy and full now. I swear by this Hair Tonic!” - M. Ong

Here's a tip from Julia: Our Hair Tonic also acts as a natural deterrent against head lice as a natural pediculicide. Lice tend to avoid oily hair, making our tonic an unexpected yet reliable defense for your little ones. Simple apply to hairs and coat the hair, and brush or comb through.

For optimal results, apply the Hair Tonic section by section to your scalp, allowing it to work for a relaxing 20-30 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. Interestingly, some of our customers have reported excellent results when using it as a leave-in treatment.

Find out for yourself what works best for you and how often to use the Benedetta’s Hair Tonic. The intention in its creation is for your scalp and hair be healthier stronger, and shinier, respectively! 

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