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Happy Earth Day 2020!

Happy Earth Day 2020!

Happy Birthday Mama Earth!

Our Earth connection is deeper than many of us make think, or have forgotten since we were young. Whether we have an affinity to the mountains, oceans, or the forest, there is a symbiotic knowing that we just feel better when we are linked to it. Even walking barefoot on grass or dirt is a form of grounding and negative ion recharge to our systems.

Our natural world is filled with healing substances that are designed in some fashion to assist and enliven us. Food is our greatest medicine, but there is an abundance of plant medicine indigenous to our giving Earth. I believe that everything we need to thrive and heal is already here, in our natural world, not in a laboratory. That being said, we have learned to process some of these natural substances into medicines some of which include, Essential Oils, Gemmotherapy, Homeopathy, Herbs, Ayurvedic, and more. These are closely rooted and energetic healing modalities that originate from plant medicine and are then processed in a deliberate and more sustainable way to achieve the greatest good.

The cornerstone of Benedetta's development is one rooted in the healing modality of plant medicine. Coupled with functionality, whereby the skin is a living organism that receives nourishment, eliminates toxins, and is intentionally created to bring the system into balance, harmony, and health.

"Instigating a lifestyle shift in what the "popular" thinking of skin care has been, to what is has evolved to be."

Benedetta therefore produces products and systems designated to increase their value with use and deliver holistic results that last. This Earth Day is one of even more reverence, as the world is the the mists of a global pandemic with the spread of the mutated protein known as COVID-19 {Coronavirus}. Again, we look to nature for our greatest cures and moreover to strength our immunity. From powerful mushrooms, homeopathies, herbalism, to energetic medicine, to the power and design of our conscious minds being in a state of positive affirmations where what we say, becomes our reality.

"I am very healthy and my body repels mutations and disease of all kinds. I have a very strong immunity and I am very grateful for it." 
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