Mask + Acne = Gross!

November 05, 2020

Mask + Acne = Gross!

What is Mascne?

Mascne refers to acne around the jaw, chin, and mouth caused by wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time.

Image of Mascne which is acne specifically along the jaw and chin, as in the same area as where a face mask is worn

(mask + acne = mascne)

Where does Mascne come from?

Prolonged wearing of a mask on the face for extended periods of time, plus constant contact with fabric close to the skin creates the perfect environment for abrasion and germs.

"Wearing a mask everyday has taken its toll on my chin and jawline area. Julia brought this up one day and suggested leaving on the cleanser overnight. I tried this and I couldn't believe it! All the blemishes and bumps went away. This stuff really is a facial in a bottle!"

—D. Guido

Enter Benedetta's Crème Cleanser

Originally formulated for professionals, this one step treatment will cleanse, tone, and exfoliate. Use our Step 1 Crème Cleanser as a facial for 15 - 20 min for minor breakouts OR leave it on overnight for more serious congestion  Our Crème Cleanser not only cleanses the skin's upper surface, but will help aid the elimination of toxins deep within the skin's bloodstream without stripping it's natural oils!


"I've tried so many 'solutions' to dealing with my acne, but nothing worked! Plus wearing a mask 24/7, perpetual acne just seemed like fate. But then I used this cleanser as an after work facial and my breakouts seriously disappeared overnight! My skin felt so clear and smooth and soft, I couldn't believe it."

—H. Wallace

Too late for prevention? Try our Control Crème

While our Crème Cleanser clears up congestion deep within the skin, our Control Crème is the perfect companion to deal with surfaced blemishes that break through the skin.

It's specifically designed as a highly effective antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral treatment to reduce and eliminate blemishes. It is a 100% botanicals products that prevents scarring as it mends!

Other Helpful Tips to Address and Prevent Mascne

Be sure you're utilizing our entire skin care line to keep your skin healthy and strong against infections/blemishes.

Don’t wear the same mask day after day because dirt builds up in the fabric fibers OR better yet swap out masks halfway through your day.

Make sure your mask is made of a breathable and moisture wicking material like cotton or bamboo or linen so your skin can breathe!

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