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Not All Hand Sanitizers Are Created Equal

Not All Hand Sanitizers Are Created Equal

The Clearing Spray Story

Hand sanitizers are created by more companies than ever before because of SARS-CoV-2, which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19. From Methyl, isopropyl, or myristate alcohols to hydrogen peroxide, every kitchen formulator, restaurant and bar owner, as well as aromatherapy enthusiasts, is marketing their version.

In 1988 Purell created the first recognizably marketed- Hand Sanitizer. Suggesting that a minimum of 60% ethyl-alcohol, as the *monographic formula for bacterial inhibition. With no competition, their petro-chemical product, would and is the standard from which all other “hand sanitizers” have immerged. With the exception of ours in 2000, and the multitude of “natural” essential oil and alcohol products appearing (almost) daily.

It has been discovered through scientific study, that just as “anti-biotics rid the system of bad microbial infestation, they do not discriminate from “good” bacteria.

The same can be true for the majority of Hand Sanitizers using harsh unnatural, petro-chemicals, that can strip the bad bacteria as well as the good helpful flora we need for a strong immune response.

Oh it’s all natural…it must be good

Are the natural ones with essential oils designed to address the “flora” issue? Most address the 60% alcohol with whatever essential oil is chosen for its aromatic.

[Note: practically ALL essential oils are anti-microbial, and can strip the hands making them very dry, very fast. My constant rhetoric: “It is in the design and purpose of each formula that creates a cohesive formula” ]

For this reason and others, I created the Clearing Spray back in 2000.  It was my contention and intention to create a “clean” alcohol and essential oil friendly formula, that encourages immune function, as it rid the hands of harmful microbes. 

Then and now picture of our Clearing Spray

Our Clearing Spray is comprised of Certified Organic & Biodynamic plant alcohols, a cleaner alternative to isopropyl alcohol and myristate alcohol petrochemicals.

Along with a strategic blend of essential oils not only chosen for their antimicrobial abilities, but for their regenerative and immune strengthening abilities as well.

Our non-drying Clearing Spray is a multifunctional preparation that was also designed to clear the hands of oily residue for chair massage practitioners, when going from one client to another, as well as sanitize.

The FDA is now cracking down on anyone selling Hand Sanitizers.  Although regulations are good to keep many of the ill-designed products out of the marketplace.  *Some of the restrictions seem likely orchestrated by the large company that would like nothing better than to be the only one standing.

The very reason I created the Clearing Spray was to offer an alternative, not to comply with or copy theirs.

From My Heart to Yours,


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