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Ombra Del Sole 101

Ombra Del Sole 101

With summer in full swing, and the sun's rays at their strongest, we want to ensure you are protected against UV rays at a fundamental level. Recent research has shed light on the fact that while traditional sunscreens prevent skin burning, they often fail to address deeper oxidative stress occurring in the dermis and subcutaneous layers and may even contribute to it. That's where our innovative solution, Ombra Del Sole, comes into play. This series of preparations harnesses bioavailable phytonutrients and antioxidants, recognized and effectively utilized by the body, protecting your skin at a core level. Please note that this is not a sunblock and NO SPFs are used.   

While we encourage the continued use of your Step-4 Facial Oil and Step-5 Facial Crème as your daily regimen for moderate atmospheric exposure, we've got you covered with Ombra Del Sole when it comes to longer and direct sun exposure.


Ombra Del Sole Best practices:

 1. Ombra Del Sole - Defense & Repair Repair Mask

Ideal for individuals with prolonged sun damage, the Repair Mask is a wonderful starting point. This exfoliating mask nourishes and gently removes the upper layers of the skin using antioxidants and polyphenols. It is specifically designed to address oxidative stress buildup, scarring, and discoloration. Unlike our Seaweed Mask, we recommend using the Repair Mask every other week due to its intensity. 

SAVE the powder jar and reuse for storing herbs, keeping them fresh longer with full spectrum violet glass and seal lid. This jar retails online for $18.


2. Ombra Del Sole - Defense & Repair Duo (Elixir & Oil)

This duo is designed for the upper body, such as those sun-exposed areas like the chest, arms, neck, shoulders, and of course the face. Perfect for extended periods under the sun, whether at the beach, on a boat, or playing tennis, this product provides the saturation your skin needs. For application, we recommend starting with the elixir, pouring it onto your hands and rubbing it onto your body, followed by applying the oil on top. Apply firm pressure to aid absorption, beginning with the body before moving to the face.

 Rest assured, it is marine-safe, ensuring the well-being of sea life.


 3. Ombra Del Sole - Defense & Repair Crème

The D+R Crème is an exceptional for sun aftercare product. Apply this crème immediately after sun exposure to cool down and soothe any redness. We've found that it effectively alleviates redness caused by sunburn and contributes to a beautiful, radiant tan glow.

For those who use sunscreen daily or desire extra nourishment and protection, you can replace your sunscreen or Step-5 Facial Crème with this Crème on days when you anticipate longer sun exposure.

Of course, you are welcome to use all three of above products together, but you may find that it’s too heavy and may be unnecessary. If you plan on being exposed to the sun all day without the opportunity to reapply, then using all three products might be suitable for you.

4. Nighttime Repair Serum

Originally part of the Ombra Del Series, and designed for nighttime use, this product fights free radical damage at night while you sleep. Packed with nourishing waters and extracts, this product goes deeper into the dermis. Many customers have shared positive feedback that it has helped with their melasma, dark spots and overall skin tone. For comprehensive care, remember to apply this product on the neck, back neck, and chest. Any remaining product can be applied to the top of your hands.

As mentioned above, it’s important to understand that oxidative stress is addressed within the entire Benedetta Facial System. For daily use, rest assured that the repair items Step-2 Eye Serum, Step-4 Facial Oil and Step-5 Facial Crème *protect your skin during the day.


*Protect: We are referring to true protection at a core level using only botanicals NO SPF’s. For more information see our blogs and product description pages. 

Disclaimer: The information provided on here is for educational purposes only and is NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition..

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