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Water Before Oil

October 27, 2017

Water Before Oil

My skin has always been a little on the dry side. This is especially true during the fall and winter, and environmental factors like the recent wildfires in Northern California tend to exacerbate the condition, but my dry skin is is also the result of years of inconsistent skin care and not knowing the best way to treat the root problem. When I first joined the team at Benedetta I was introduced to the practice of preparing the skin with spray hydrosol before applying lotion. I’d never tried this before, my strategy had always been to slather lotion onto my already dry skin thinking the more I applied the better it would work, but it was always a temporary fix and my dry skin persisted, leaving it sensitive and unbalanced. Since embarking on this new regimen of spraying before applying lotion, over the period of a few weeks my dry skin has started to correct itself and I am seeing a change in the texture and suppleness, even in the case of my hands which tend to become very dry this time of year. I now employ this simple mantra: Water Before Oil.

Hydrating the skin before applying oil based products is the foundational practice of our facial and body care line. It increases the efficacy of our preparations, allowing the skin to regenerate and repair more quickly.  When Benedetta’s founder, Julia Faller, first developed our Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs thirty years ago, she understood the benefit of integrating water before applying oil, which has informed our product line since our inception. The Benedetta 5-Step Facial Regimen interlaces the water then oil principles utilizing our Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir* to re-establish water hydration in the skin to secure cell saturation when used under the Precious & Nourishing Facial Oils. Followed lastly with a Visibly Radiant Moisturizer comprised of both water from organic Aloe vera and botanical oils that meld into one fabulous preparation, leaving the skin supple and radiant all day.

*Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixirs : Also a nighttime treatment to use alone (NO oils) to balance lost hydration while we sleep.

The concept is actually rather intuitive. Spraying prior to applying lotion traps the moisture on the skin and allows the properties of the lotion to better penetrate the skin. In the case of body care, the best time to do this is right after exfoliating with our Citrus & Sugar Scrub and cleansing with Sacred Soap.  Gently towel dry the skin, and generously spray with Hydrosol. Hydrosols are botanical distillations that come from water soluble constituents of the plants and when applied to the skin, impart gentle yet effective therapeutic qualities. A small application of our Body Cremes will bind to the chosen Hydrosol allowing the skin to retain moisture, locking in natural oils and aiding in cellular repair; a simple process with lasting benefits, not the least of which is a holistic cure for dry skin.

On an important and related note, Benedetta is a Sonoma County business and while spared from the effects of October’s devastating wildfires, we are deeply committed to supporting our community as it recovers and rebuilds.  To this end we have pledged 100% of funds from the sale of our 200ml Lotions and Hydrosol & Body Lotion Travel & Gift Sets to  North Bay Fire Relief Fund, which will go directly to support the fire victims in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake Counties. You can partner with us to meet our goal of raising $20,000 when you purchase either of these products.