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D2C Brand Spotlight

D2C Brand Spotlight

How Benedetta Keeps an 80% Customer Return Rate

The skincare industry is changing rapidly. While demand historically came from older consumers, a growing younger customer base is taking over. A lot of that is thanks to the rise of social media — there are thousands of beauty influencers who make it their job to showcase the latest skincare trends and products across YouTube and Instagram.

But while it’s great that the younger generation is hopping on the skincare train, this has also welcomed more knockoff brands than ever before — and a lot of them come with false promises for instantaneous results.

Julia Faller, founder and creator of Benedettathe Original Plant Realized Care for Skin, doesn’t think that skincare products should serve as “a band-aid for blemishes or wrinkles.” Instead, she believes that the only way to truly care for the skin is through a system that encourages your skin to be healthier with prolonged use, much like a consistent, healthy, organic lifestyle will do the same for the rest of your body.

We sit down and talk with the company’s Digital Marketing Manager, Heather Chloe Wallace, about Benedetta’s origins, customer-centric marketing approach, and future plans. 

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