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Bay Area Spotlight: Benedetta Skin Care

Bay Area Spotlight: Benedetta Skin Care

This 100% Farm-Sourced, botanical skin care line provides necessary "food for your skin".

It's January, the month that coincides with new beginnings and getting started on those New Years resolutions.

It seems everyone's resolutions tend to focus in the area of health like eating better, staying away from processed foods, exercising 3 times a week and getting 8 hours of sleep. These are great resolutions, but a lot of these resolutions don't focus on the largest organ of the body...your skin.

This is where the Sonoma County based-skincare line Benedetta comes in.

Benedetta, meaning "blessed" in Italian, is an authentic, 100% Farm-Sourced® botanical skin care line. With locations in San Francisco and Santa Monica, this line is "food for your skin".

Founder and formulator, Julia Faller, was definitely ahead of her time when it came to her "farm-to-table" mentality in skincare. She developed her first product in the late-80's before the sustainable food movement and before anybody could really grasp the concept of using beauty products that contained naturally derived ingredients. Faller says it wasn't until Aveda came out that salons and estheticians really understood the concept.

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