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Farm Sourced Food for Your Skin

Farm-Sourced® Food for Your Skin

Since 1996 the team at Benedetta has been turning to the earth, with intention, in the crafting of their line of fresh aroma therapeutics.  Plants and botanicals are very much at the heart of the Benedetta regimen.  Julia Faller, a wife and mother of three, is the company’s  founder and formulator of their trademarked holistic skin care approach.  Some twenty years after Benedetta’s official launch, the California-based company continues to thrive on her gift of intuition and commitment to blend Farm-Sourced® botanicals with complementary chemical constituents, always adhering to organic and biodynamic practices.  We caught up with Ms. Faller after a chance sampling of the company’s Rosemary & Geranium Creme Facial Cleanser.  They had us at Geranium!  And, as its packaging reads, “Your skin deserves this cleanser!”

Let’s begin with Farm-Sourced®…  From where did you coin this term?

Skin care products are only as effective, nourishing and revitalizing as the raw ingredients used to produce them. We know this to be true and hold this at the heart of every preparation we create. And the raw ingredients are only as alive, vibrant and energetic as the methods used to grow, harvest and procure them. There is a vitality, a vibrant life-force, that is transferred from seed to skin when the integrity of the entire journey from seed to bottle is honored.

At Benedetta, we are meticulous about honoring this entire process. We coined the term Farm-Sourced® to represent exactly what this approach to sourcing raw materials entails. The basic definition is to refer to a botanical that is as close to its earthly source as possible, and not altered in a laboratory to mimic a nutrient. It represents a standard of excellence that requires ingredients to be intentionally cultivated on a farm, ecologically harvested in the wild, or found in the sea.

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