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Edible San Francisco Summer 2017

Edible San Francisco Summer 2017

Farm-Sourced® Skin Care with Benedetta's Founder Julia Faller

The Original 100% Botanical Farm-Sourced® Skin Care since 1996. Supporting Family-Owned Sustainable Farms.

Edible: What was your intention for creating Benedetta?

Julia Faller: Benedetta (Blessed) was launched more than 21 years ago out of a need for a truly holistic, energetic, 100% botanical line, not realized in the marketplace. I set out to develop formulas and a system of use that made sense. The sole purpose is to feed the skin, just as we feed our bodies with alive, bioavailable nutrients from the organic food we eat.

Moreover, each formula takes into account the symbiotic resonance between the botanical synergies and our largest organ's ability to receive and benefit from them.

"Benedetta is to your skin what eating seasonal, organic, fresh food is to your health."

Edible: What is "Water Integration" and why is it important?

Julia Faller: I created the concept of water integration within most products as a water-to-oil ratio to lock in hydration to the cells and prevent dryness, which in turn causes aging.

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