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Elemental Body Care

Elemental Body Care Lilipoh Winter 2017

Benedetta Skin Care founder and business owner discusses her commitment to natural ingredients and a philosophy of sustainability

Julia, what can you share about the botanical nature of your ingredients?

Some thirty years ago I started formulating skin care products, using fully plant-based ingredients, with an emphasis on nutrition and bioavailability. The closer to nature the ingredients, the better the body can recognized and receive them, and therefore we them holistically. Botanical efficacy made the most sense, and of course still does. 

All of our preparations are created to first address what the skin needs by using botanicals-substances obtained plants-that will synergistically promote the most benefit I am particularly invested in the botanicals' profile and physical makeup and how it marries with others to achieve optimal results in and for the skin.

Once the formula is perfected, only then do I source ingredients that are sustainable and ethically grown and processed. Our focus is always on certified organic ingredients, with preference for those that are Demeter Certified Biodynamic. In other words, formulation is profoundJy important. As wonderful as the idea of organic skin care is, the combination and synergies of ingredients must work to achieve a specific function, whether it's to, rid bacteria, renew and rejuvenate, or aid balance, either alone or with another product This requires a ,complex awareness of the skin's functions and needs. 

In contrast, creating products by first focusing on available and cost effective organic ingredients can compromise the integrity of the formula. Often, private-label labs and individual cosmetic makers, to create a brand, will focus on one ingredient that may be a popular trend. Or they will "throw in the kitchen sink" of ingredients to make the product sound more enticing. Again, I emphasize that why a product goes to market and what is in it must always meet living and natural standards, if it is to be considered viable and useful.

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