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Get Blessed With Benedetta: Talking With Skincare Founder, Julia Faller

Get Blessed With Benedetta: Talking With Skincare Founder, Julia Faller

In an industry known for its fickle attitude, the year 2021 has decidedly remained to be the one year we all seek skinimalism. Benedetta’s founder, Julia Faller, has been loyal to the less is more philosophy since the 80s. Calling the founder and president of Benedetta, Julia Faller, a pioneer in the clean beauty industry would be an understatement. What makes one a pioneer? If we had to define such a person it would be someone who questions the norm and goes against the grain, pushing aside fear of scrutiny and failure. As a licensed esthetician and clinician in the 80’s and 90’s, Julia found herself questioning the cosmetic and skincare industries. When no laboratory or even botanical suppliers, were willing to accommodate her wish for petro-chemical free ingredients she decided to do it on her own. She accomplished this by going directly to the source of ingredients and marrying science with the natural world. Today, the brand continues its trailblazing quest with transparency and conscious beauty. Benedetta is Farm-Sourced®, organic, vegan and cruelty-free. This is one hands-on brand that does not use these “buzzwords” lightly and have the certifications to prove it.

We had a the honor of speaking with Julia Faller on a zoom call and shared our skincare ideologies. The founder made it clear that trends come and go but truly healing and plant-based skincare never fails – to her skincare is personal.


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