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Women in Business

Women in Business

[R]evolutionizing The Way We Think About Skin Care

Benedetta Farm-Sourced® Skin Care, is celebrating its 20th year. Julia Faller, founder and formulator has revolutionized skin care understanding by creating products entirely composed of organic plants and botanicals. Starting in 1987 with the creation of the Crystal Radiance Elixirs to aid hydration and balance during sleep, these elixirs would be the catalyst in her approach to holistic skin health and radiance–genuinely from nature.

Julia's intuitive and scientific ability allowed her to create bioavailable synergies that strengthen the skin's cellular anatomy–holistically. This premise became the cornerstone to every unique preparation.

A pioneer in recognizing the harmful effects of parabens and preservatives, her mission was to create a line no only free on them, but one that utilized organic, biodynamic and alive ingredients. Finding no labs willing to accommodate her request in the early nineties, she looked to farmers and organic food suppliers for ingredients, leading to Benedetta Farm-Sourced® efficacy.

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