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Your Best Skin

Your Best Skin

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Benedetta is a leader in the clean skin industry, offering 100% botanical Certified Organic & Biodynamic skin care created in Petaluma. Founder and pioneer Julia Faller formulated Benedetta more than 30 years ago, creating the first authentic, functional skincare of its kind. Their fresh preparations are uniquely designed to create healthy, resilient, and ageless skin by marrying the true science of botanicals in a system that will correct, protect (no SPFs), and rejuvenate.

Come to Benedetta's flagship store at 18 Petaluma, Blvd. in downtown Petaluma. Come in and feel the difference from our authentic preparations or book the 30-minute Benedetta Signature Facial (707-665-3904) and see what radiant skin looks like.  Offering unique gifts from a wide array of Crystals and More. If visiting San Francisco, see Benedetta in the historic Ferry Building (415-563-8910).

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