Episode 20: Sourcing Ingredients and Holistic Health

Welcome back to "A Chat With Benedetta"! We cover a bunch of topics today, including the importance of sourcing quality ingredients, the best way to treat the skin after micro wounding facial treatments, and how to navigate the vast word of holistic health practices to find the best method for you!


Episode 19: Exfoliation with Benedetta

Our skin is our largest organ, our armor, and our signifier of what is happening within our body. In this week's episode, we discusses the importance of exfoliation when caring for your your face and body. We touch upon the "why" behind Julia's formulation, how to integrate exfoliation into your system of use, and recommend some of our best exfoliating products.


Episode 18: Earth Day and Sustainability

Earth Day is almost here! On this Earth Day themed episode, we discuss our favorite stories of sustainable living, and how you can live a sustainable life beyond just the basics.


Episode 17: Mindfulness and Seeking Truth

Mindfulness: what does it mean to you? On this week's episode of "A Chat With Benedetta," we dive right in to that profound question. What is the difference between the trendy aesthetics of wellness and consciously seeking truth? What does it mean to be a "Seeker"? Listen in!


Episiode 16: Seasonal Changes and Your Skin

Although a lot of us are still feeling the chill, spring is on it's way! Today, we discuss seasonal shifts and how that changes your skin's hydration needs; a new ingredient in our Precious and Nurturing Anti-Inflammatory Oil; the benefits of "mixing and matching" Benedetta products; and more!


Episode 15: Responsibility to the Environment and Yourself

Welcome back! In today's episode, we discuss our concerns about the environment, the importance of following a consistent regimen, and our responsibility to YOU. Enjoy!


Episode 14: Plant Intelligence

In this week's episode, we discuss the concept of plant intelligence (what does it mean?), and the importance of a full system of use. Enjoy

Episode 13: Benedetta's Beginnings, part 2

After enduring adversity and heartbreak, how do you come out stronger on the other side? This week's podcast picks up where Episode 12 left off, and we discuss more of Benedetta's early days, and touch upon personal strength, self reflection, and perseverance.


Episode 12: Benedetta's Beginnings

In this episode, Julia and Gabrielle discuss the early and often difficult days of Julia's journey to creating Benedetta, and touch on the importance of truth, accountability, and remaining strong in the face of adversity. 


Episode 11: Should You Travel for Wellness?

In this episode, we discuss monastic retreats, home as a place of peace, San Francisco as a place of wellness and grounding. Enjoy!